Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is at the heart of America’s continued economic success. The decisions Congress makes about immigration will have an enormous impact on our economic growth, business climate and ability to remain competitive in today’s global knowledge economy.

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Latest News

Turning away foreign talent – a costly practice for US competitiveness | The Hill, July 6, 2015

NH Tech Businesses Need Immigration Reform | New Hampshire Business Review, June 26, 2015

Brains, Not Brawn | U.S News & World Report, June 5, 2015

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The world economy is rapidly changing, and our immigration laws are not keeping time with economic progress at great detriment to the future of the United States. Our immigration system needs to be reformed to address the needs of our industries, whether for low or high-skilled people.

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Protect American innovation! Prevent Congress from passing policy that will shift jobs, investment and resources outside the United States, rather than achieving the goal we all share -- more jobs and innovation in America.

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